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About Washington Foot & Ankle Sports Medicine

Washington Foot & Ankle Sports Medicine is a medical practice in Kirkland, Washington that specializes in the conservative and surgical treatment of the foot and ankle. Washington Foot & Ankle Sports Medicine believes in a collaborative approach between patient and doctor to fully educate patients before any treatment program is decided. Together, doctor and patient work toward a positive outcome from the start.

The first issue Washington Foot & Ankle Sports Medicine focuses on is the prevention of musculoskeletal wear-and-tear injuries of the lower extremities from biomechanical foot and ankle malfunction. As a rule, conservative, non-surgical treatments are always considered first.

Since weight-bearing activity is critical to individual long-term health and happiness, patient relationships start with a comprehensive biomechanical exam, a thorough history, and a gait exam. Everything is discussed, from biomechanical variance, footwear, and exercise programs, to running form, and, in some cases, surgical intervention.

Washington Foot & Ankle Sports Medicine is a popular choice for patient/athletes with sports-medicine needs. Examples include runners seeking to optimize biomechanics, but also retirees who need their feet to keep up with their retirement travel plans, or anyone else who needs to address pain from a specific activity.

Walking and running are essential to maintaining cardiovascular fitness, muscle mass, bone density, and joint health. There is no better way to maintain an ideal body weight. Weight-bearing activity is the cornerstone of treating all major cardiovascular disease now on the rise. Obesity, cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, diabetes, and even cancer have been linked to a lack of regular weight-bearing exercise.

Washington Foot & Ankle Sports Medicine is proud to provide patients with a comfortable in-office experience and friendly staff who will ensure a pleasant visit to the practice in Kirkland, Washington.


Words from our patients

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    "Great staff, great location, and was treated as if I were a pro athlete. Treatment was quick and easy. Highly recommend this."

    Ty M.
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    "This Doctors and team members are amazing! They are compassionate, professional, and extremely engaged with the quality of care!"

    Cathleen P.
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    "Dr. Maurer is the very best. He has been treating me and my uncooperative ankle for many years, keeping me active."

    Kiran R.
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    "Everything about the experience was done professionally and with great care for the patient. Dr. Maurer is fantastic and his staff is first rate."

    Dave B.
  • Yelp

    "Dr. Peter Vincent is very thorough and clearly explains every x-ray, MRI, CT scan, and diagnosis."

    Heather D.
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    "Dr. Maurer is very thorough and has helped me with different issues. I would recommend him for anyone having foot problems."

    Michelle C.
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    "A friend recommended Dr. Vincent, whom I've seen a few times and he's always helped alleviate any foot pains I've had."

    Amber S.
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    "I would definitely go back, and will go back if I have any future issues. I highly recommend their office."

    Chris F.
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    "He takes a very scientific, whole body approach to each issue and does a great job following up after visits."

    Rick M.
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    "He was very thorough in his explanations and alleviated any concerns I had. His staff is excellent as well. Thank you Dr. Maurer."

    Laura C.