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Pediatric Podiatrist

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Parents in search of help for their children suffering from pediatric foot and ankle issues will find uniquely experienced podiatrists at Washington Foot & Ankle Sports Medicine in Kirkland, Washington. Starting with the philosophy of the practice to seek nonsurgical solutions first, Washington Foot & Ankle Sports Medicine podiatrists understand children’s foot and ankle issues and the delicate nature of working with children. Call or contact Washington Foot & Ankle Sports Medicine online today for a kid-friendly visit.

Pediatric Podiatrist Q & A

What Causes Heel/Arch/Achilles Pain in Kids?

Heel pain in kids is commonly due to irritation of the growth plate on the back of the heel bone called Sever's Disease. The growth plate is a row of cartilage cells that can be irritated through running and jumping. This is a very common condition, and we have a great success rate with a treatment protocol that does not require the athlete to rest.

What causes Shin Pain in Kids?

Shin pain is a common overuse condition that is most often due to Shin Splints. This is an increase in stress to the posterior aspect of the inside of the leg bone called the Tibia which commonly occurs after an increase in running. Shin splints almost always occur in both legs at the same time. Our approach takes into consideration the athlete's mechanics, and the training regimen, and almost always results in pain-free participation without any time off for rest.

Shin pain that happens only on one side and/or is associated with swelling may be a stress fracture. We will work to accurately diagnose the source of the shin pain and create a plan to minimize downtime for the athlete.

What causes Knee Pain in Kids?

Foor, Ankle, Knee, hip, and back pain that increases as weight-bearing activity increases may have a biomechanical source. Overpronation, leg length discrepancy, and developmental anomalies can create activity-driven pain. We will do a thorough Biomechanical exam that includes a lower extremity rotational exam that allows us to identify the likelihood that mechanical issues are generating pain.

What are Ingrown Toenails and What Can Be Done?

Ingrown Toenails occur when an edge of a toenail breaks the skin and creates an infection. This infection is close proximity to the toe bone and should be addressed ASAP so that the infection does not extend deep to the bone.

A simple in-office procedure resolves the issue, and the toenails can be easily addressed so that recurrent infections don't occur.

Shoul I be concerned if my child is in toed our out toed? (Pigeon Toed or Duck Footed)

The short answer is no. The most important point to make here is that patients should avoid telling their children to point their toes out or in to appear more "normal". We get this question quite often and it's best to do a full exam so that we can become confident that we are doing our best for the child to reduce wear and tear on the athlete while taking into consideration sports-specific concerns related to the position of the feet and legs.